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  •     “Emex Aqua Protect” Waterproof Decorative Plaster is a latest product based on acryl polymers, special additives and fillers, with marble granulated additives and fillers, with marble granules in different sizes, destined to superior decorative finish of plasters, with a final structured aspect, scratched. Its main property is to reject dirt and water (contributing to the support impermeability). It has a Great adherence to support and high resistance to bad weather. It can be manufactured in any tone according to the NCS card and it can be colored with coloring paste. “Emex Aqua Protect” Waterproof Decorative Plaster, due to its capacity to contribute to the support impermeability and due to its high resistance to water is especially used for covering and protecting exterior surface of the industrial and civil buildings which are exposed to different environmental factors and bad weather, allowing the option of keeping the visual effects. This plaster, although is the latest fashion product with highly performance can be purchased for a very accessible prices.
  •     “Emex Quartz Dekor” Decorative Plaster is a product based on copolymer acryl-styrene, additives and fillers, professional, with quartz adding and different sized marble granules, destined to superior decorative finish for plasters (indoor or outdoor), with final aspect of bark. It has a great adherence to support, without affecting its aspect and a high resistance to bad weather. It contains the latest ecological bio acids which give it a high resistance to mold and fungi. It is manufactured in any color according to the NCS card, or can be colored with coloring paste. This type of plaster is most commonly used due to its performance and the balance between quality and excellent price. It is a highly resistant product even for areas exposed to moisture, fats, excess dirt, etc., without any geographical limits (ex: mountain areas exposed to salt fog). It contains hydrophobizing agents which do not allow the support to be wet in depth. This type of plaster is most commonly used due to its performance and excellent balance between quality and price.
  •     “Emex Gold” Premium Emulsion Paint is professional product water soluble, containing acrylic polymers such as Latex for indoor or outdoor completion of plaster, with a large coverage power (1 layer for the necessary prepared surface), a semi polished surface and excellent adherence. The layer is easy to maintain due to the fact that it does not allow dirt to adhere on the support as a consequence of the fact that the dirt can be removed or washed with a sponge. It is manufactured in all the tones of the NCS card. It can be used as a final layer to cover the following types of mineral surfaces: concrete, old organic or mineral paintings, new or old plasters based on binding material, masonry, plasters and lime or gypsum plasters, lime-cement plasters, any type of mineral conglomerates, dry, gypsum boards, absorbing and compact. It can be successfully used on other surfaces such as: expanded polystyrene, OSB, PAL, asbestos cement, ply, panel, MDF, linen.
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