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“Emex Route” Road Marking Paint : Preparation

     This category includes only the “Emex Route” Road Marking Paint.

     The instructions contained by these pages apply solely to this type of paint and they are indicative. For detailed instructions please read the Data Sheet of the product or ask for special application instructions for each product, from the manufacturer.

     The surface preparation is the main factor in obtaining maximum adherence which ensures the exploitation durability and coating preservation. Therefore:

  1. The product is to be adjusted to the application temperature 24 hours before the application itself.
  2. Before opening the cover remove the dust or any other residual materials.
  3. The product is to be homogenized in his packing using a mechanic mixer.
  4. Filter the product before use.
  5. According to the type of paint, its thinning is made by adding “Emex” Chlorinated Rubber Paint Thinner, “Emex” Auto Paint Thinner or any type of thinner recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. The thinning is done according to the type of application. Therefore the product will be thinned:
    4 - 6 % for new surfaces and 8 - 10% for surfaces which had been painted before.

Application conditions:

  1. The optimum application temperature for the product: 10 - 30°C.
  2. Approximate environment moisture max. 65%.
  3. The support temperature will be at least 3°C above the dew point to avoid the moisture condensation on the support, which could decrease the adherence, luster or could cause blisters.
  4. The products are not to be applied in bad conditions such as fog, rain, snow, wind, in the presence of dust or when the support is covered by water or ice.

Restrictii de aplicare      DO NOT USE THE ROAD MARKING PAINT UNDER +5ºC.


     It is mandatory to check the Data Sheet of the products to obtain optimum results.

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Road Marking Paint: Preparation of the support application

     The product application on the asphalt, concrete or any type of cement materials, surfaces is to be done only after the appropriate preparation of the support because this is a very important stage for the durability and quality of the coating. Therefore:

  1. In case of concrete or asphalt application, these surfaces have to be dry and ready for this kind of use, appropriately cleaned and degreased to eliminate exfoliation risk, the appearance of blisters or accidents but also to reach the product’s specific properties.
  1. Before applying the product repair the empty spots or other imperfections, with a high adherence product and a similar hardness as the support.
  2. The surfaces to be painted have to be cleaned and degreased and the dust removed by using soft brushes or blowing with compressed air.
  3. The surfaces have to be smooth, plain and dry, resistant (steady).
  4. Consider that the concretes containing additives such as: silicates, polyvinyl alcohol, wax, etc. may affect the adherence of the product on the support.
  5. When necessary, clean the old particles using mechanic brushes.
  1. In case of use for marking and delimitation of areas in industrial or commercial spaces (deposits, halls, show-rooms, etc.), over other floor paintings such as: “Emex” Chlorinated Rubber Floor Paint, “Emex” Epoxy Floor Paint, “Emex” Polyurethane Floor Paint or any kind of floors from the “Floors and Traffic#8221; page, degrease and polish the surface to increase the marking paint adherence on the support.
  2. To apply on big surfaces with a width higher than 50 cm, first apply an impregnation primer taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendation.

     Metallic inclusions will be cleaned using “Emex Rust Stop” Rust Removal Solution and necessarily covered by “Emex” Anticorrosive Base Coat Type GSS01 or “Emex AQ Eco” Anticorrosive Base Coat Water Soluble.

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Application for road marking paint “Emex Route”

     The product will be applied on the support surface only after the necessary preparation according to the instructions on the previous tab or Data Sheet, based on the support state and type.

     The application of “Emex Route” Road Marking Paint, is done by spraying with special application machinery, brushing, rolling and air spraying or by using air-less installation.

     A correct application of the Road Marking Paints, has to follow the following stages:

  1. Prepare the product at the application temperature minimum 24 hours before use, according to its preparation instructions.
  2. The surface is prepared according to the instructions.
  3. Check the support humidity which does not have to exceed. 10%.
  4. Prepare the paint following the specific preparation instructions from the previous tab or Data Sheet.
  5. Product viscosity will adjust depending on the type of paint used, by using thinner recommended by the producer.
  6. Apply using the special marking tool in wet layers of 300µm, 400µm and 600µm.
  7. Apply equally on the wet painted surface through spraying, reflecting glass micro balls matching the paint.
  8. In case of small surfaces and also when the surface to mark is not continuous, the paint can be applied manually using a spraying gun (based on air or air-less), a brush or roll.
  9. In case of surfaces with width more than 50 cm we recommend the application of two paint layers, even if the covering power allows only one.
  10. Use thinner to clean the tools after use (or machinery) and let them dry.

Restrictii de aplicare      NOTE:It is forbidden to mix the product with other paints even similar ones, to avoid the risk of creating compatibility issues.

     These instructions especially refer to “Emex Route” Road Marking Paint.

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