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     “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC considers quality a priority for the services provided to its customers together with the internal management of all the processes.

     Starting from the fact that a faithful customer is our reason for existence, we want to satisfy the demanding and expectations of our customers by respecting at the same time the legal regulations and achieving our goals. The customer’s satisfaction is the main point of our activity.

     For this purpose we established a system of quality management which includes all the necessary processes to provide the service. In the system of quality management we identify all those demands and requirements to be fulfilled by our society to provide services and to satisfy all our customers.

  1. Finding our customers’ necessities, transforming them into requests and fulfilling them;
  2. Expanding partnerships with suppliers and customers;
  3. Maintaining and improving the System of Quality Management according to the reference standard SR EN ISO 9001/2008;
  4. Continuous improvement of the processes for achieving our products and services for the satisfaction of our customers expectations and consequently increasing of the profit
  5. Continuous improvement of the effectiveness for the System of Quality Management;
  6. Permanent acknowledge the relevant staff and the importance of the activity performed and also the way it contributes to reaching desired quality;
  7. Putting into practice the investment program to modernize spaces according to the existent demands;
  8. Permanent training and evaluation for the staff to ensure its qualification according to the existents demands;
  9. Consolidation of the image we built together with the products created and marketed by “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC.

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Vopsea epoxidica
Vopseluri industriale
Polyurethane paint
Vopsele epoxidice
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Vopsea hidroizolanta

Chlorinated rubber paint

Vopsea de pardoseala
Washable paint
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Calitate producator

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