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     1. POLICY

     “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all its employees. Implementation of our policies allows us to offer our clients reliable services. We also guarantee the security of visitors, suppliers and public who may be affected by our activity. Our policy is to allocate adequate resources to promote and maintain best practices in all aspects regarding work safety.

     “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLCconsiders all regulations related to health and safety at work and acts according to them. Company’s management is responsible for taking measures regarding:

  1. Insurance and maintenance of work equipment so that it can be used safely and without risks;
  2. Ensuring safety and minimizing risks for using, handling, storing chemicals used to achieve the company’s products;
  3. Providing enough information, instruction, training and supervision as to ensure the job security for all employees;
  4. Providing and maintaining non-hazardous jobs;
  5. Providing and maintaining safe escape routes;
  6. Providing and maintaining necessary facilities;

     “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC will take all the necessary steps to prevent any incident that might result in injury, illness and performance management and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System (IMS).



    For the above declared purpose, “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC implemented a management system for health and safety at work according to BS OHSAS 18001 2007 standards applicable for all the company’s activities and departments.

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     The shareholders of the company “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC are responsible for health and work safety (OHS) of the employees and exercise these responsibilities through the General Manager. He is ultimately responsible for the company’s performance regarding health and safety at work field. “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC is convinced that OHS is a vital aspect of organizational management with at least equal importance with other managerial duties.

     The organization expects all managers and leading people to assume tasks related to work safety as part of their responsibilities so as to prevent accidents and illnesses. Each leading person will respond to the direct superior function and finally to the General Manager for failure to meet the OHS requirements.

     OHS performance of all those responsible in the field will be carefully and constantly monitored and will also be evaluated during the performance evaluation sessions. Details of the duties and responsibilities of each manager/personnel with responsibilities related to OHS are included in the Integrated Management System.



     “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC expects that all employees to cooperated with the management in order to comply with legal requirements and those regarding by OHS which are also included in the Integrated Management System.

     Employees are reminded that they must immediately notify to their superiors the unsafe working conditions and should not undertake risky actions that could endanger the health and safety of themselves or others. Any deliberate violation of Health and Safety Policy or the rules related to the field will lead to disciplinary action. Each employee should receive a copy of the job description stating his responsibilities regarding OHS.

     Employees are required to meet job objectives corresponding to the job/function performed.


     5. TRAINING

     “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC provides training in OHS to ensure that all employees have the necessary competence to ensure their work without risk to themselves or to third parties. The training is starting when employed and continues during all the employment period.

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    The basic duty of the Management Representative is to support the company to achieve IMS objectives. OHS Management Representative has a defined role and full authority to ensure that IMS is established, implemented and maintained properly according to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standards and to ensure system performance reporting to the top management.

     Reports on OSH officials are being used as basis for improving IMS.



     Our OHS requires the active involvement for all the employees. We provide an efficient counseling, communication and cooperation inside the organization regarding the OHS problems. Therefore we want to create a positive culture ensuring the involvement of all the employees to the best practices in the field.



     A permanent program of identification and risk assessment generates measures that ensure the health and safety of employees and all persons affected by the activities of our organization. Measures include technical actions, procedural, behavioral which are reflected in IMS and support processes. We make periodic inspections and audits in order to assess the effectiveness of risk control measures.



     The General Manager or persons delegated by the General Manager are responsible for investigating and reporting events and causes of all accidents that result in injury, property damage or other damages, being assisted by OHS Management Representatives.

    In case of an accident at work, reporting procedures of “ROMTEHNOCHIM” LLC are to be followed exactly, including the announcement of the company’s management. The Organization report must be filled for any incident related to OHS.

    In case of a traffic accident, all the procedural requirements of the accident reporting procedure must be met.

   In some cases, local law enforcement authorities must be notified, the General Manager being the one responsible for conformity to the legal requirements.

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     Copies of this document will be made available to all employees and posted in all company locations. In addition, the content of this document will be transmitted to all the contractors, customers and visitors, as well as any other interested parties.

     IMS will be reviewed and revised periodically according to any legislative changes in the field and organizational needs.

     Any changes will be approved by the General Manager and will be disclosed to all interested persons.

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