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Emulsion Paint: Preparation and Application Conditions

     These instructions are common to all the emulsion paints, indoor or outdoor use and to related products - Primers and Rough Coat Primers.

     The instructions contained by these pages have only informative purpose. For detailed instructions please read the Data Sheet of the product or ask for special application instructions for each product, from the manufacturer.

     The preparation of both the product and the surfaces represents a necessary to achieve maximum performance in application of any kind of paint. Therefore:

  1. The product is to be adjusted to the application temperature 24 hours before the process of application.
  2. Before opening the cover remove the dust or any other residual materials.
  3. The product is to be mixed in its original packing, using a mechanical mixer in order to disperse any potential deposits.
  4. According to the application type the thinning is done by adding water.
  5. The product will be filtered before use in case of using emulsion paint for spraying with air-less tools.
  6. One can apply the paint using the brush, roll or air-less spray.
  7. Do not mix the product with other paints even if similar, to avoid the risk of creating compatibility issues.
  8. The coloring will be done by the manufacturer using special coloring paste products or any other products accepted.

Application conditions:

  1. The optimum application temperature for the product: 5 - 30°C.
  2. The product temperature: 5 - 30°C.
  3. The support temperature: 5 - 40°C.
  4. Approximate environment moisture max. 65%.
  5. Do not deposit nor use emulsion paints at temperatures lower than 5°C.

     It is mandatory to check the Data Sheet of the products to obtain optimum results.


Emulsion Paint: Preparation surfaces for painting

     Preparation of the support concrete, masonry, float plaster, burnt plaster or premixed, etc. surfaces represent a necessary stage previous to application because it has a decisive influence upon the quality and durability of the coating. Therefore:

  1. The concrete or new plasters (inclusively repairs) require minimum 28 days for hardening and drying before application,); if these conditions are not met the product’s resistance will be damaged and will cause exfoliation and blisters, and the colored paints may suffer chromatic changes.
  2. The plastered surfaces are to be verified by knocking before applying the product; if they prove to be inappropriate (sound empty) the plaster will be completely removed until reaching the base and the surfaces will be reshaped with binder of the same class as the initial one;
  3. Do not introduce a large quantity of lime into the plasters;
  4. Before applying the product fix eventual wholes or gaps or any other imperfections using “Emex LQ” Spatula Mass for Repairs
  5. Old wasted paint or the ones that lack adherence will be completely removed through the use of “Emex CM Cleaner” Varnish Remover Solution or the “Emex PC Eco” Ecological Varnish Remover.
  6. Old layers can be removed by polishing with mechanical brushes or by burning.
  7. In case of previous good preserved protections, the surface will be grinded using abrasive paper and the dust will be cleaned.
  8. Every type of old coating removal operation will be followed by polishing.
  9. Areas affected by mold will be cleaned and impregnated with “Emex” Forte Sanitizer;
  10. Clean the impurities and degrease the surfaces to be covered with Emulsion Paints, will be cleaned and degreased, roughed and the dust will be removed with soft brushes or by blowing with compressed air;
  11. The surfaces have to be smooth, plain and dry.
  12. Metallic inclusions will be necessarily covered with “EMEX” ALKYD ANTICORROSIVE BASE COAT or the “Neomatt” Economic Base Coat.
  13. On new surfaces (repairs included) necessarily apply one of the primers found at page Base Coats and Primers for Emulsion Paints.

     The product will be applied by brushing, rolling and spraying with air-less installations.


Emulsion Paint: The painting itself

     The application of emulsion paints on the support-surface starts only after the necessary preparation according to the instructions from the previous tab or Data Sheet, no matter if the surface to be painted is new or if it has been painted before with compatible products.

     The application of emulsion paints both indoor and outdoor, is done using the roll but it can also be done with the brush, lime brush or by spraying with air-less installations.

     The spraying application is done using special products for this purpose, which will be asked directly from the manufacturer. The spraying product will be filtered immediately after thinning.

     The optimum system for applying emulsion paints comprises the following stages:

  1. The product is prepared according to the instructions.
  2. The surface is prepared according to the instructions.
  3. Apply “Emex” Pore Equalization and Filling Base Coat, which can be grinded to emphasize the defects.
  4. After it has dried (min. 2 hours) it will be grinded with abrasive paper to obtain a smooth surface and the defects will be covered by rough coat.
  5. Apply “Emex” Anti- mold Primer, or paint such as (acrylic, silicate, silicon, etc.). Their presentation and related Data Sheets at page Base Coats-Primers.
  6. Apply the first layer of paint, thinned according to the instructions from the Data Sheet.
  7. Apply the second layer of paint, after approx. 6 hours, when necessary. The “Emex Gold” Premium Emulsion Paint perfectly covers after 1 layer if the support has been correctly prepared.
  8. The surfaces which have been painted before do now require primer application if the paint used before is the same or compatible (one should do a compatibility test).
  9. For new surfaces (repairs included) necessarily apply primer.
  10. The optimum application temperature for the product is between 5 si 30°C, and relative humidity is max. 65%.

     Do not use adhesives such as “Aracet” for the preparation of primers nor add them into the plasters, no matter their type.

     “Emex” Emulsion Paint, and all its subtypes are manufactures to ensure a high adherence and the best covering power without any kind of additives.

     These instructions especially refer to Emulsion Paint or the derived therefrom.

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Vopseluri pentru perete
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Aplicare lavabile
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Lavabila interior exterior

Solution for mold removal

Anti-Mold Sol.
Cleaning solution rising damp mold, fungi, etc.

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Base Coat for Priming
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Grund Economic Anticoroziv

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Ensure protection of metal surfaces at affordable price.

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Anticorrosive alkyd primer “Emex”

Anticorrosive Base Coat
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Decapant ecologic pentru vopsele “Emex PC ECO”

Ecologic Remover
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Paints Remover
Ensures cleaning and scarping old layers of paints .

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