Lac de Protectie pentru Rosturi Gresie si Faianta “Emex”
Lac de Protectie pentru Rosturi Gresie si Faianta “Emex”
Lac de Protectie pentru Rosturi Gresie si Faianta “Emex”
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  • Vopsea Hidroizolanta Acrilica “Emex AQ Bar”
  • Vopsea pentru tigla si azbociment “Emex”
  • Vopsea antifonica “Emex”
  • Vopsea protectie la foc “Emex”
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Lac pentru rosturi
Gresie si faianta
Protectie chit de rosturi
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Vopsea Profesionala

    At the bottom of this presentation, you will find the instructions and complete technical data of the product, according to label attached to the navigation menu.

Technical Data


     The “Emex” Protection Varnish For Joints is a professional product based on synthetic water-soluble resins and special additives intended for protecting the filled joints for Ceramic TileTile tile and Fond lac rosturifaience against environmental factors such as: water, molds, friction, etc., both interior and exterior. The varnish for joints is transparent and provides long durability protection against fading, fungi and molds, and the mechanical damage. It contains cutting edge ecologic biocides, which gives it a great resistance to fungi, molds and microorganisms.

Main characteristics:

  1. Low drying time;
  2. Flexible film;
  3. Does not allow dirt;
  4. Lotus effect (water repellence);
  5. Very good resistance to UV;
  6. Prevents discoloration of grout;
  7. Provides impermeability;
  8. Prevents molds appearance;
  9. Ecological character.
Technical Data

Utilization Domains

     The “Emex” Protection Varnish For Joints is intended for use for protecting the filled joints for Ceramic TileTile tile or faience against environmental factors such as: water, molds, friction, Fond lac protectie rosturietc., both interior and exterior. Having a very high adherence to the support, the films, with a good elasticity, formed by applying the product offer a very high resistance against water stopping on long-term its infiltration or the occurrence of unwanted effects such as: discoloration of the applied grout, mechanical damage, the appearance of fungi or molds, etc.

     A special feature of this product is the property or "lotus effect", which is demonstrated by the water droplets falling on the protected area which maintain their cohesive force, remain in their original shape and are totally rejected, and the film does not allow them to be absorbed in the support.

    Areas affected by mold or fungi, or just liable to such attacks, will be cleaned and impregnated with “Emex” Forte Sanitizer prior to applying “Emex” Acrylic Varnish for Joints.

     The cement grout used for binding the Ceramic TileTile floor tiles or faience tiles should be completely dry. The cracks and imperfections will be corrected prior to applying the product.

     The application is recommended to be done in minimum two layers to achieve a satisfactory degree of gloss and a good resistance to environmental factors.

     The varnished joints can be brought into use in max 12 hours after application.

     To obtain maximum performance read carefully the Application Instructions and Technical Data Sheet, available in the menu below.

Tehnical Features

  • Characteristic
  • Appearance
  • Density
  • Covering power
  • pH
  • Consumption
  • Appearance
  • Av. drying time
  • Drying in depth
  • Humidity resist.
  • UV resistant
  • U/M
  • -
  • gr/cmc
  • Layers
  • -
  • g/m2/layer
  • Pellicle
  • -
  • hours
  • hours
  • hours
  • 30 hours
  • Characteristic Value
  • Homogeneous, liquid
  • 1,07 - 1,15
  • 1 - 2
  • 7 - 9
  • 100 - 120
  • Contin. without defects
  • 3 -4
  • 24
  • min. 150
  • No chromatic changes
Technical Data
Data Sheet: Lac pentru protectia rosturilor de faianta “Emex”
  • Paint application instructions
    Read datasheet
  • Painting by roller
    Roll application
  • Paint protected against UV
    UV resistant
  • Paint preparing
    Will be mixed
  • Paintbrush application
    Brush painting
  • Protection from mold and fungus
    Mold Resistant
  • Cleaning of the surface for painting
    Clean the surface
  • A se feri de inghet
    Keep away from freezing
  • Weather resistant paint
    Weather resistant
  • Paint drying time
    Drying time app.2 h
  • Corrosion resistant paint
    Corrosion resistant
  • Steam resistant paint
    Steam resistant
  • Vopseluri diluabile cu apa
  • Vopsea rezistenta la apa
    Resistant to Water
  • Vopsea ecologica
    Ecologic product

     The symbols below will show both the some principal characteristics of the product as well primary use or safety instructions.

     For detailed instructions, read Technical Sheet.

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