Lac Acrilic pentru Piatra “Emex AQS”
Lac Acrilic pentru Piatra “Emex AQS”
Lac Acrilic pentru Piatra “Emex AQS”
  • Lac pentru mobila poliuretanic “Emex”
  • Lac acrilic pe baza de apa “Emex”
  • Lac pigmentat pentru lemn “Emex”
  • Lac pentru parchet si mobila “Emex”
  • Lac alchidic pentru lemn “Emex”
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Calitate Profesional

     According to the labels attached to navigation menu, at the bottom of this presentation you will find the instructions and complete technical data of the product.

Technical Data


     The “Emex AQS” Acrylic Varnish For Stone is a professional ecological product based on acrylic resins diluted in water and special additives, highly resistant to environmental factors and UV, with high Fond lac acrilic piatrapower of penetrating, specifically designed for protecting natural stone, or stone decorations. It is characterized by excellent adherence to the support, great resistance to wear and friction, good display and very good resistance to water action. It contains cutting edge ecologic biocides for protection against fungi or molds.

Main characteristics:

  1. High adhesion to the support;
  2. Low drying time;
  3. Provides gloss to mineral surface;
  4. Resistance to water action;
  5. Great yellowing resistance;
  6. Power of penetrating;
  7. Resistance to fungi and algae;
  8. Resistance to weather and UV.
  9. It protects stone against aggressive factors.
Technical Data

Utilization Domains

     The “Emex AQS” Acrylic Varnish For Stone is intended for use in decorative finishing and protecting the natural stone surfaces, mostly located on the outside.

     The generic name of natural stone is assigned to all stone surfaces Fond Lac piatra naturalasuch as: rollers stone, carved stone, rock of any kind processed for use in construction, shale, etc. Furthermore, this varnish for stone, based on water can be used on surfaces covered by brick or apparent brick, as well as any other mineral surface.

     The surfaces which will be covered with varnish for stone are cleaned of dust and degreased adequately, for removal of any traces of dirt or fats. Any existing protections regardless of their nature is recommended to be completely removed, especially if does not know with certainty the type or component of the varnish used before, or there will be tests for compatibility.

     The cement grout used for binding elements must be completely dry. The cracks and imperfections will be corrected prior to applying the product. The application will be made in two layers in order to achieve a satisfactory gloss and a good resistance to environmental factors.

     For other types of mineral surfaces such as brick or apparent brick you should bear in mind that the surface which will be varnished to be hard and compact, without risk of exfoliation or cracking and also correctly cleaned of dust and degreased, in order to achieve a maximum adherence.

     To obtain maximum performance read carefully the Application Instructions and Technical Data Sheet, available in the menu below.

Tehnical Features

  • Characteristic
  • Appearance
  • Density
  • Nonvolatile con.
  • Covering power
  • Consumption
  • Appearance
  • Av. drying time
  • Drying in depth
  • Water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • U/M
  • -
  • gr/cmc
  • %
  • Layers
  • g/m2/layer
  • Pellicle
  • -
  • hours
  • hours
  • hours
  • 30 hours
  • Characteristic Value
  • Omogen, transparent
  • 1,07 - 1,15
  • 42 - 44
  • 2
  • 100 - 120
  • Transparent
  • 3 - 4
  • 24
  • min. 150
  • Without change
Technical Data
Data Sheet: Lacuri acrilice pentru piatra “Emex AQS”
  • Paint application instructions
    Read datasheet
  • Painting by roller
    Roll application
  • Vopsea rezistenta la apa
    Resistant to Water
  • Paint preparing
    Will be mixed
  • Paintbrush application
    Brush painting
  • Protection from mold and fungus
    Mold Resistant
  • Cleaning of the surface for painting
    Clean the surface
  • Paint by spray gun
  • Weather resistant paint
    Weather resistant
  • Paint drying time
    Drying about 3 h
  • Vopsea rezistenta la abraziune
    Abrasion Resistance
  • Paint protected against UV
    UV resistant

     The symbols below will show both the some principal characteristics of the product as well primary use or safety instructions.

     For detailed instructions, read Technical Sheet.

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