Pardoseala Epoxidica Antiderapanta “Emex”
Pardoseala Epoxidica Antiderapanta “Emex”
Pardoseala Epoxidica Antiderapanta “Emex”
  • Pardoseala epoxidica autonivelanta “Emex”
  • Pardoseala poliuretanica “Emex”
  • Mortar epoxi de egalizare “Emex”
  • Polyurethane Membrane  hidroizolanta “Emex”
  • Vopsea epoxidica bicomponenta “Emex”
Certificare ISO Vopseluri


Produs profesional de inalta calitate

     According to the labels attached to navigation menu, at the bottom of this presentation you will find the instructions and complete technical data of the product.

Technical Data


    The “Emex” Bicomponent Skidproof Epoxy Paving is a professional product Fond antiderapanta epoxidicabased on epoxy resins without solvent, pigments and special additives, specially designed against slipping risk. The product is characterized by exceptional adherence to the support, resistance and great stability in highly aggressive chemical environments, acidic or alkaline, temperature variations, exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, etc. The EMEX Bicomponent skidproof Epoxy Paving can be colored in standard colors.

Main characteristics:

  1. Sanitary approved;
  2. Eliminates the risk of accidental slip;
  3. Excellent hardness;
  4. Great durability;
  5. Great adherence to support;
  6. High resistance to abrasion;
  7. Excellent resistance to wear;
  8. High resistance to corrosive agents;
  9. High resistance to hydrocarbons, acid or alkaline environments.
Technical Data

Utilization Domains

    The “Emex” Bicomponent Skidproof Epoxy Paving is intended Fond pardoseala antiderapantafor professional use for protecting and decorating the concrete paving in order to achieve a great aspect, with excellent and lasting resistance characteristics, but also eliminating the risk of accidental slip.

     It is used with excellent results on all paving that require a superior protection to friction, mechanically wear, exposure to strong chemical aggressive areas, or the presence of hydrocarbons or chemical compounds.

     The EMEX Skidproof Epoxy Paving is sanitary approved and is recommended for special conditions of hygiene such as: laboratories, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, etc., according to the requirements of European standards..

     For correct preparation of the surfaces is required the mechanical cleaning for removing any spot or traces of contaminants and covering with “Emex” Epoxy Impregnation Base Coat. The application is made by founding and stretching with ravels, followed by venting with needle rollers and laying on the skidproof material.

     This type of epoxy paving is used for civil and industrial constructions, for execution of interior or exterior paving “high solid” type, with self-leveling, especially in high wear areas, exposed to chemical environments or for special protection such as: plant yards, motor services, industrial warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, schools, restaurants kitchens, canteens, bakeries, etc., and especially in areas where the risk of accidental slip exists (auto ramp, etc.).

     To obtain maximum performance read carefully the Application Instructions and Technical Data Sheet, available in the menu below.

  • This paint may be flammable
  • This paint could be harmful

Tehnical Features

  • Characteristic
  • Appearance
  • Density
  • Mix ratio
  • Pot-life at 23 °C
  • Consumption
  • Appearance
  • Drying surface
  • Drying in depth
  • Water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • U/M
  • -
  • %
  • gr.
  • min.
  • kg/sqm/st.
  • Pellicle
  • -
  • hours
  • hours
  • 500 hours
  • 30 hours
  • Characteristic Value
  • homogene
  • 1,50 - 1,60
  • 1000 : 160
  • cca. 30
  • 1,5 - 1,8
  • Continue
  • 12
  • 24
  • Good, no changes
  • No chromatic changes
Technical Data
Data Sheet: Pardoseala epoxidica antiderapanta “Emex”
  • Paint application instructions
    Read datasheet
  • Corrosion resistant paint
    Corrosion resistant
  • Vopsea rezistenta la apa
    Resistant to Water
  • Paint preparing
    Will be mixed
  • Protection from mold and fungus
    Mold Resistant
  • Vopsea rezistenta la hidrocarburi
    Resistant to Hydrocarbons
  • Cleaning of the surface for painting
    Clean the surface
  • Weather resistant paint
    Weather resistant
  • Vopsea rezistenta la abraziune
    Abrasion Resistance
  • Paint drying time
    Drying about 24 h
  • Steam resistant paint
    Steam resistant
  • Paint protected against UV
    UV resistant

     The symbols below will show both the some principal characteristics of the product as well primary use or safety instructions.

     For detailed instructions, read Technical Sheet.

Pardoseala epoxidica
Pardoseli antiderapante
Antiderapanta epoxidica
Epoxidica pardoseala
Symbols - Instructions
Pardoseli autonivelante

Sapa epoxidica

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