Decorative plaster with stone powder appearance “Emex”
Decorative plaster with stone powder appearance “Emex”
Decorative plaster with stone powder appearance “Emex”
  • Tencuiala Siliconica Decorativa “Emex”
  • Tencuiala Decorativa Structurata “Emex Quartz Dekor”
  • Vopsea Decorativa Texturata “Emex”
  • Brushed decorative plaster “Emex”
  • Decorative impermeable plaster “Emex Aqua Protect”
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Decorative plasters
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Technical Data


     The “Emex” Granulated Decorative Plaster with Stone Powder Aspect is a professional product, based on acryl-styrene copolymers, additives and fillers, with addition of quartz and marble grains Fond tencuiala decorativa praf de piatrawith sizes between 1 and 3 mm, intended for decorative finishing plasters, with stone powder final aspect. The difference from other decorative plasters is given by an assignment and a special dosing of marble grains in the product mass, which allows the achieving of a special effect of relief. It is fabricated in any shade according to the NCS color card, or it can be colored with coloring paste.

Main characteristics:

  1. Great adherence to support;
  2. Easy application and maintenance;
  3. Color stability;
  4. Great washability;
  5. High resistance to UV;
  6. Good resistance to scratching;
  7. Resistance to fungi and molds;
  8. Great resistance to environmental factors;
  9. Environmentally safe character.
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     According to the labels attached to navigation menu, at the bottom of this presentation you will find the instructions and complete technical data of the product.

Technical Data

Utilization Domains

     The “Emex” Granulated Decorative Plaster with Stone Powder Aspect is used for protection and covering the exterior surfaces of civil and industrial buildings, new or old, taking into account the achieving of special visual Fond tencuiala praf de piatraeffects. Click for example.

     It is one of the plaster used instead of Structured Acrylic Decorative plaster, due to the granulated model of the structure. It has the same good performance and value for money. It is a resistant product even for areas exposed to excessive dirt, fats, moisture, etc., without any geographical limitations (eg mountainous areas or areas exposed to salt fog). It also contains under creeps that do not allow the profound penetration of the water in the support.

     For application are agreed all the surfaces with mineral base: cement plasters, concrete, masonry, lime and cement plaster, lime or gypsum plasters and polishing plaster coats, new or old plaster based on binding material, gypsum board, absorbent mineral conglomerates of any type, old organic or mineral paintings, dry, compact and absorbent paintings, asbestos cement, etc.

     The surfaces will be mandatory primed with Base coat with quartz for priming for “EMEX” plasters, which has a complementary role to create anchor points for increasing the adhesion of this plaster to the support.

     In case of areas affected by mold or fungi, they will be treated with Forte “Emex” sanitizer.

     It will also be applied a layer of “Emex” exterior superwashable paint, background layer.

     To obtain maximum performance read carefully the Application Instructions and Technical Data Sheet, available in the menu below.

Tehnical Features

  • Characteristic
  • Appearance
  • Density
  • Covering power
  • pH
  • Consumption
  • Appearance
  • Av. drying time
  • Drying in depth
  • Salt fog resist.
  • UV resistant
  • U/M
  • -
  • gr/cmc
  • Layers
  • -
  • kg/sqm
  • Pellicle
  • -
  • hours
  • hours
  • 720 hours
  • 30 days
  • Characteristic Value
  • Granular paste
  • 2,00 ± 0,1
  • 1
  • 7,5 - 9
  • 2,7 - 3,5
  • grained appearance
  • 24
  • 72
  • No chromatic changes
  • No chromatic changes
Technical Data
Tencuiala decorativa praf de piatra “Emex”: Data Sheet
  • Paint application instructions
    Read datasheet
  • A se feri de inghet
    Keep away from freezing
  • Paint protected against UV
    UV resistant
  • Paint preparing
    Will be mixed
  • Aplicare tencuiala
    Aplicare cu gletiera
  • Protection from mold and fungus
    Mold Resistant
  • Cleaning of the surface for painting
    Clean the surface
  • Paint drying time
    Drying about 24 h
  • Steam resistant paint
    Steam resistant
  • Vopseluri diluabile cu apa
  • Weather resistant paint
    Weather resistant
  • Vopsea ecologica
    Ecologic product

     The symbols below will show both the some principal characteristics of the product as well primary use or safety instructions.

     For detailed instructions, read Technical Sheet.

Tencuieli decorative structurate
Other types of decorative plaster
Tencuiala cu cuart
Decorativa relief
Tencuiala relief
Tencuiala decorativa

Superlavabila Exterior

Exterior Emulsion
To provide a background for plaster layer.

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Solutie pentru Curatarea Mucegaiului

Anti-Mold Sol.
Cleaning solution rising damp mold, fungi, etc.

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Grund de Amorsare pentru Tencuieli “Emex”

Base Coat for Priming
Acrylic base coat with quartz for priming decorative plasters

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