Vopsea de Marcaj Rutier “Emex Route”
Vopsea de Marcaj Rutier “Emex Route”
Vopsea de Marcaj Rutier “Emex Route”
  • Vopsea poliuretanica bicomponenta “Emex”
  • Vopsea epoxidica pentru trafic si pardoseli  “Emex”
  • Chlorinated rubber paint for high traffic
  • Pardoseala poliuretanica sali de sport “Emex”
  • Vopsea poliuretanica elastica “Emex FlexiPol”
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Technical Data


     The “Emex Route” Road Marking Paint is a monocomponent, professional product, Fond vopsea marcaj based on special acrylic resins, extenders, special additives and solvents. The product, highly resistant to both water and intense traffic or abrasion has as main destination the carrying out of street or pedestrian markings (possibly with the addition of micro- beads glass for reflective markings) or delimiting the different areas on concrete or asphalt. The Road Marking Paint is delivered in colors: white, yellow, red, black.

Main characteristics:

  1. Great adherence to support;
  2. High covering power;
  3. Rapid drying;
  4. Agreeably elasticity;
  5. Easy application and maintenance;
  6. High resistance to abrasion;
  7. Excellent resistance to wear;
  8. Resistance to yellowing or color degradation;
  9. High resistance against water, gasoline and mineral oil.

     According to the labels attached to navigation menu, at the bottom of this presentation you will find the instructions and complete technical data of the product.

Technical Data

Utilization Domains

     The “Emex Route” Road Marking Paint has a very good adherence on asphalt and concrete surfaces, Fond marcare rutierais characterized by good resistance to oils, friction and environmental factors and is intended for professional use for marking the roadways, pedestrian crossings, runway strip, parking, intense traffic roads, industrial warehouses, hospitals, playgrounds and sports, delimitating the surfaces on asphalt, concrete paving, warehouses, epoxy paintings, etc. both indoor and outdoor conditions.

     For the correct preparation of the surface the cracks and other imperfections are fixed prior to applying the product, then the surfaces which will be covered are cleaned of impurities and / or fats, are rough, and the resulted dust is removed with brush (soft bristle) or blowing with compressed air. The concrete or asphalt surfaces must be dry and ready for use, cleaned of dust and suitable degreased for achieving the specified properties. The surfaces must be flatten, flat, dry.

     This type of marking road paint is also recommended for concrete supports (or generally horizontal surfaces), mosaic, founded cement tiles, cement self-leveling screeds, mineral screeds with or without self-leveling, other mineral surfaces previously tested that require protection against traffic, moisture or intense traffic.

     The Marking Paint can be applied by brushing, rolling or spraying with air or air-less. For larger thickness it is recommended the application with the marking machine.

     To obtain maximum performance read carefully the Application Instructions and Technical Data Sheet, available in the menu below.

  • This paint may be flammable
  • This paint could be harmful

Tehnical Features

  • Characteristic
  • Appearance
  • Density
  • Covering power
  • Drain down time
  • Consumption
  • Appearance
  • Av. drying time
  • Drying in depth
  • Water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • U/M
  • -
  • gr/cmc
  • Layers
  • sec.
  • g/m2/layer
  • Pellicle
  • -
  • min.
  • min.
  • 24 hours
  • 30 hours
  • Characteristic Value
  • Uniform, no deposit
  • 1,55 ÷ 1,62
  • 1 - 2
  • 30 - 50
  • 450 - 550
  • Neted, semi-mat
  • 10
  • 30
  • Good, no changes
  • No chromatic changes
Technical Data
Data Sheet: Vopsea marcaj rutier “Emex Route”
  • Paint application instructions
    Read datasheet
  • Painting by roller
    Roll application
  • Vopsea rezistenta la apa
    Resistant to Water
  • Paint preparing
    Will be mixed
  • Paintbrush application
    Brush painting
  • Vopsea rezistenta la hidrocarburi
    Resistant to Hydrocarbons
  • Cleaning of the surface for painting
    Clean the surface
  • Paint by spray gun
  • Weather resistant paint
    Weather resistant
  • Paint drying time
    Drying about 1 h
  • Vopsea rezistenta la abraziune
    Abrasion Resistance
  • Paint protected against UV
    UV resistant

     The symbols below will show both the some principal characteristics of the product as well primary use or safety instructions.

     For detailed instructions, read Technical Sheet.

Vopsea de marcaj rutier
Vopseluri pentru marcare
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Vopsea rutiera
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Marcare rutiera

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